I am a creative centipede who wants to visualise the invisible.

As a visual artist I am fascinated by many topics and I love taking inspiration from many different corners. Having broad fascinations makes me what I call a creative centipede, which is also reflected in the variety of media I use to express my concepts: illustration, animation and interactive experiences. With an eye on the theme and goal of the project I will search for which medium will be the best fit.

I have always been fascinated by the small things this crazy big world has to bring us; from small details of our history to weird little insects crawling around in our gardens. I think a lot of people fail to notice many of the details of the world around them, due to modern hyper-speed society. I see a lot of beauty in illuminating these details for my audience with my illustrations, animations and interactive experiences.  

To this end I enjoy always exploring new techniques and tools to acquire, allowing me to pick the best match for any concept I am working on. Developing my skills with new software and other tools lets me bring out my own artistic style in any medium I work with.

When I am done working, I try to pet every cat I come across.


MA Animation – Master Institute of visual cultures – Currently studying

BA Illustration & animation – AKV | St. Joost – 2016 – 2020

Minor Arts & Interaction – AKV | St. Joost – 2018 – 2019 


2020 Graduation Show, Werkwarenhuis Den Bosch, VR-installation and illustrated booklet “Distilling Fear”

2019 Exhibition “What if?, AKV St. Joost Breda, VR-experience “Collateral Damage”

2019 Exhibition “Intercourse” Arts & Interaction, TAC Eindhoven, VR-installation “Peeping”

2018 Exhibition “Spanning aan de grens”, Museum Veenendaal, Animation “Het gebeurde te Sluis” in collaboration with Okke van Breemen

2018 Exhibition “Monumentale verhalen”, Huis Doorn, Animation “Het gebeurde te Sluis” in collaboration with Okke van Breemen

2017 25 years Museum de Pont showreel, Tilburg, Animation “Repeating the forest”

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