I am a creative centipede who wants to visualise the invisible.

I have always been fascinated by the small things this crazy big world has to bring us; from small details of our history to weird little insects crawling around in our gardens. I think a lot of people fail to notice many of the details of the world around them, which is why I see a lot of beauty in illuminating these details.

As a visual artist I am fascinated by many topics and I love taking inspiration from many different corners. Having broad fascinations makes me what I call a creative centipede, which is also reflected in the variety of media I use to express my concepts: illustration, animation and interactive experiences. With an eye on the theme and goal of the project I will search for which medium will be the best fit.

Current positions

Freelance Illustrator & Animator

Producer Illustrated & Animated Storytelling, St. Joost Den Bosch

Playgrounds Eye Candy Editor


MA Animation – Master Institute of Visual Cultures – 2020 – 2021

BA Illustration & animation – AKV | St. Joost – 2016 – 2020

Minor Arts & Interaction – AKV | St. Joost – 2018 – 2019